a constance state of catachresis

you look right

you look right on paper
you look right in my head 
but none of that matters  
if you look right
and i look left 


Your smile could light up a room
The wattage is that intense 
Your mind is steel wool
Finely wrought, but abrasive and scratching me clean
Your hands are small, your legs are big
Your words are smooth like the butter you love
And when I taste it on your lips
I slide right off


she rolls over again without saying goodnight
dry tears leaving invisible tracks down swollen cheeks
hand heavy with the weight of skin and need
heart sinking like a stone in a pool of freshly poured guilt
tossing and turning
sleep was never a friend of hers
darkness calls
beckoning her back
silently she slips beneath undulating waves
swept away by the undertow 
pushing and pulling 
drifting along 
once again

punching bag

gloves off
hard and soft
this heart is hung
nowhere to run
quick, cunning feet 
pummeled piece of meat
jab, slip, punch, uppercut
countdown ticking clock
how many hits before it stops

pre-emptive strike

these walls are high and hard to climb
i’ve been building battlements since before you were born
do you think you can scale?
do you think you can win?
steel impenetrable fortress
this waiting heart beats within

safety net

you cast a wide net 
letting your love fall over and under 
gently drawing me back into the safety of your harbor 

ain’t no thang

a drink, a wink 
(even a kitchen sink)
all in when you have nothing to lose

kissing frogs 

unreturned texts
no voicemails too?
sounds like he’s just
not that into you

the truth above what lies beneath 

there once lived a beloved child
her sparkling eyes were filled with light
her constant smile, her Father’s delight
she laughed and skipped and danced and played
ever content under the sun’s shining ray

but as the years went on, the light began to dim
a darkness crept in
and her eyes now filled with tears to the brim
try as she might
she couldn’t stop them from falling
      and falling
         and falling
            and falling

her tears rained so hard they formed a vast, deep sea
filled with swarms of the darkest living things
lurking beneath the surface
         difficult to see
she tried and tried
but couldn’t fish them out
their dark siren’s call pulling
her down
binding her chains
swallowing her in fear
darkness overtaking
drowning her in tears

time passes in darkness
night into night
her gaze cast down at the chains that bound
darkness, darkness all around

then one night, a flash catches her eye
splitting the mire, a tiny ray of light
it beams straight through the darkest of seas
                                 a tiny
fearfully she gets up, gathering her chains
dragging the weight of past years of pain
following the light, she reaches the key
summoning courage, fighting the urge to flee
picking it up, the metal warm in her hand
she turns it over and over again
heart quaking beats, she bends down to see
and just as she hoped (and just as she feared)
the lock fits perfectly with the key
her chains fall away, the shadows start to clear
she begins to rise toward the surface 
light buoying her up through darkness with purpose
eyes wide with fear, her heart begins to stutter
and her courage breaks down
panicking, she lets go of the 
                                                     with a shudder
heart twisting in regret
she stares bleakly at her cold empty hands
back into darkness
fallen again
the light fades away and the shadows begin to circle
tossing chains at her in merciless throttle
she bows her head, accepting their weight
telling herself she deserves this fate
trembling in fear, desperately latching them on through her tears
wrapping and wrapping them about her feet
binding herself again in defeat
unable to imagine a life without them
unable to face the life that had come
brokenly slumping back in despair
she resigns herself to darkness 
firmly anchored in pain
unable to let go of her 
chains upon chains

time passes in darkness
night into night
her gaze cast down at the chains that bound
darkness, darkness all around

then one night, a flash catches her eye
splitting the mire, a tiny ray of light
this time it’s a 
                l d
                l   o 
              c      k
                e  t
shining brightly in the night
clutching her chains, she cautiously moves towards it
snatching it quickly and hiding it in her pocket

time passes in darkness
night into night
gaze cast down at the chains that bound
darkness, darkness all around

one stormy night, more alone than can be
the sea ever growing and roaring fiercely 
she feels a deep longing
something inside her keeps calling and calling
remembering the locket buried deep in her pocket
she seeks and she finds it, drawing it out
when suddenly a brilliant light bursts out
gasping, she lets it go with a shout
watching the locket slowly rise a few feet
it seems to wait for her expectantly
and this time she’s ready to choose
for fear has no power with nothing left to lose
slowly she lets go of her chains upon chains
timidly moving forward despite all the pain
grabbing the locket, she peers inside
and what she sees makes her heart ache
fresh tears springing to her eyes
inside of the locket is a picture of her Father
his kind, compassionate smile unlike any other
her gaze hungrily traces his old familiar face
memories welling up as her heart starts to race
suddenly the picture begins to move
a tear makes its way slowly down one of his cheeks
with eyes filled with sorrow, he stares straight into her soul
and says in a hoarse, grief-filled voice,
"i miss you so much, please come home"
her heart in her throat, uncontrollable tears
she lets out the tiniest “yes” and the shadows disappear
and in a blink of an eye the sea has been dried
she’s now standing in the sun with a warm gentle breeze 
the sound of a clear flowing stream
next to a tree with a swing
all around is lush, lush green

and then he appears, arms stretched wide
"i’ve been waiting for you, daughter, let me dry your eyes"
gathering her in his arms, he banishes her tears
his perfect love overpowering
all of her fears

You, oh Lord

Comfort me in my distress
And cover me with a peace
I’m unworthy to wear

city park after dark

the sound of a conversation about sound
the sound of an accordion in the background

fast car whizzing by
slow runner wheezing by
a quiet bench
a comfortable silence
bright city light
warm perfect night 

heart exposed in a curry

heart exposed in a curry
he eats my words with his left hand
as i wait for him to spit them out
he takes a sip of water instead and says,
want to get some ice cream?

Seven Minute Song

Her seven minute song is heard aloud each day
The verse she sings is long, difficult to play
Each meter is filled with meaning, each minute a breath of air
Heartbeat drawing notes of hope and truth with care
Melodic strains that push and pull in epic battling dance
As she waits in expectation for her partner’s grand entrance
Scaling the highest peaks, ascending the deepest depths
Reaching for a better range beyond her current breadth
And every time she crescendos, her curtain will never fall
For her verse leads into His chorus, sure and steady and strong


Pressed and pressed
Worn and weary

"sometimes the no is sweeter than the yes"